A intermedia concert staged on tour in Europe, created by a group of musicians, dancers and media artists from New York, California, Canada, Italy and Poland.

In this production, through music, dance, masks, digital imagery and experimental music theater, we present the mythical travels of Aeneas, extending his search for a new home. The production connects Aeneas and his Choga to the notion of a dwelling, a home, a safe haven in a world of chaos… a place to discover… to rediscover and orient one’s self to an emerging new world. The Aeneas Project, which our group initiated two years ago, explores the meaning of Aeneas as a universal, multicultural, multi-religion and multi-racial figure. After the destruction of Troy, Aeneas wanders homeless in search of himself. In his wanderings he must undergo a journey to the underworld, as did Orpheus and others who had gone before. While in the underworld, he consults his father Anchises, who gives him a vision of the future. In this vision, he witnesses the ravages of 20th century wars and the collapse of the Twin Towers - a testament that the future brings more cruelty and destruction. His pain and sorrow catapults him inside the vision and into the 21st century where he wanders disillusioned, encountering a fierce storm that eventually brings him to Chosun (Korea), the land of calm. There Aeneas finds a Choga, which in Korean refers to a small primitive dwelling with a thatched roof.


Co-directors: Dinu Ghezzo, John Gilbert, Lisa Naugle

Composers: Paul Lee, Wendy Luck, Jong Suh Lee, Riccardo Santoboni, John Gilbert, Ron Mazurek, Luigi Morleo, Tom Beyer, Young Mi Ha, Alan Terricciano, Vladimir Scolnic, Dinu Ghezzo

Musicians: Wendy Luck (flutes, vocals), Tom Beyer (percussion), Ron Mazurek (sampler, synth), John Gilbert (narrator, voice processing), Dinu Ghezzo (piano, percussion), Katarzyna Marczak (Krakow), Kazimierz Pyzik (Krakow), Riccardo Santoboni (Bari), Luigi Morleo (Bari), Francesco Marini (Bari)

Choreographer/performer: Lisa Naugle

Dancers: Agnieszka Glinska (Krakow), Barbara Bracci (Rome)

Media designer & performer: John Crawford

Video animation: Luigi Vernieri

Sound: Tom Beyer, Krzysztof Suchodolski (Krakow)

Video Projection: Alessia Tuveri, Riccardo Tretene, Pino Maccaroni

Production date: March 2002


Adam Kaczynski

Ensemble MW2

Istituto Europeo di Design