Dance films, performance documentation and other video for Embodied Media Studio projects.

Ascension  Dance Film · 2003


An abstract dance film celebrating linkages between dance, visuals and music.

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Brain Games  TV Series Episode · 2011

Brain Games

An episode in the first season of the Brain Games television series on the National Geographic Channel.

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Constrained  Dance & Media Performance · 2011


A dance and media performance inspired by the Burma protests of 2007.

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Dance-IT  Public Art Work · 2008


An interactive public art project where visitors dance alongside expert performers on the screen.

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Eyes of Cassandra  Dance Film · 2005

Eyes of Cassandra

An abstract dance film combining dance footage with images of urban settings and painterly visuals derived from dance.

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Galileo: Last Letters  Dance Film · 2009

Galileo: Last Letters

A dance film inspired by Galileo's essay defending freedom of scientific inquiry.

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A Global Village Show  Intermedia Performance · 2005

A Global Village Show

An intermedia concert staged on tour in Europe by the New York University Composers Ensemble.

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In Search of Eurydice  Dance Film · 2010

In Search of Eurydice

An abstract dance film interpreting facets of relationship between the mythological lovers Orpheus and Eurydice.

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Inspiraling  Telepresence Performance · 2011


A telepresence concert of new music and integrated video.

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Looking Back  Intermedia Performance · 2003

Looking Back

An intermedia performance where a solo dancer on stage relates to a projected dance film duet.

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Ootoo  Telepresence Performance · 2006


A telepresence concert with dance, music and video.

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The Sacre Project  Dance & Media Performance · 2013

The Sacre Project

A media installation and dance concert re-envisioning The Rite of Spring as a radically deconstructed performance event.

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Silk Dragons  Dance Film · 2010

Silk Dragons

An abstract dance film where dancers inhabit an imaginary landscape that references memories of lost places.

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Songs of Sorrow, Song of Hope  Intermedia Performance · 2001

Songs of Sorrow, Song of Hope

A telepresence concert with dance, music and video.

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Tubae Mundi  Dance Film · 2008

Tubae Mundi

An abstract dance film inspired by mandala patterns used in cultural traditions around the world.

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Urban Fabric  Intermedia Performance Series · 2005-06

Urban Fabric

A series of interactive dance/media works incorporating media fragments sampled from cities real and imaginary.

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