An intermedia dance and video telepresence performance staged simultaneously in Northern and Southern California.

The Active Space intermedia performance system connected live dance performed at two sites: the concert stage at UC Santa Cruz and the eMedia Studio at UC Irvine. öötöö (pronounced “ooh-too”) observed the life of the dreamer, investigating ways in which fragments from our day can get reassembled during sleep, sometimes in strange and unpredictable ways. This piece featured a cast of eighteen student dancers on stage at UCSC, interacting with seven dancers at UCI using the Active Space system over a high-performance network.

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Mainstage Theatre, Santa Cruz, California

University of California, Irvine


Co-directors & choreographers: Edward Warburton & Lisa Naugle

Co-director, media & projection designer: John Crawford

Composer: Martin Gotfrit

Dancers & media assistants: UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz students

Production date: June 2006