An intermedia telepresence concert with music and video that premiered several new works exploring the artistic potential of networking technologies.

Each work on the program took a different approach to the telematic stage and the questions it raises: aesthetic, philosophical and technical. Performers at San Diego and Irvine were linked through low-latency, CD-quality audio and high-definition video over a high bandwidth private network, creating a seamless simulcast between the two sites. Video from both locations was processed through John Crawford’s Active Space intermedia performance system and transmitted to both performance sites simultaneously, producing a visual interpretation of the music and movement that appeared on screens in each venue. At the same time, a second high-definition link transmitted more realistic videos that brought the artists from both locations together via telepresence, facilitating a cohesive performance.


Digital Arts and Culture Conference, Irvine, CA

Calit2, San Diego, CA


Composer & computer music: Christopher Dobrian

Composer & trombone: Michael Dessen

Composer & computer music: Shahrokh Yadegari

Bass: Mark Dresser

Trumpet: Edwin Harkins

Percussion: Nathan Hubbard

Media designer & performer: John Crawford

Production date: December 2009


Presented by the 2009 Digital Arts and Culture Conference.

Supported by the Intel/UC Irvine People and Practices Research Initiative.