Performance photos, animation stills and other images for Embodied Media Studio projects.

Ascension  Dance Film · 2003

An abstract dance film celebrating linkages between dance, visuals and music.

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Eyes of Cassandra  Dance Film · 2005

An abstract dance film combining dance footage with images of urban settings and painterly visuals derived from dance.

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Galileo: Last Letters  Dance Film · 2009

A dance film inspired by Galileo's essay defending freedom of scientific inquiry.

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In Search of Eurydice  Dance Film · 2010

An abstract dance film interpreting facets of relationship between the mythological lovers Orpheus and Eurydice.

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Invisible Walls  Intermedia Performance · 2001

An intermedia performance with responsive music and visuals.

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Janus: Ghost Stories  Intermedia Performance · 1999

A telepresence dance, music and video performance in the IDAT '99 International Dance and Technology conference.

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Looking Back  Intermedia Performance · 2003

An intermedia performance where a solo dancer on stage relates to a projected dance film duet.

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NightDriving  Intermedia Performance · 2003

An intermedia performance that explores interactions between performance and projection.

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Ootoo  Telepresence Performance · 2006

A telepresence concert with dance, music and video.

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Portal  Intermedia Performance · 2001

An intermedia performance dealing with communication between people engaged in crossings and transitions.

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Reverse Patterns  Intermedia Performance · 2002

An intermedia dance, music and video telepresence performance.

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Songs of Sorrow, Song of Hope  Intermedia Performance · 2001

A telepresence concert with dance, music and video.

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Tubae Mundi  Dance Film · 2008

An abstract dance film inspired by mandala patterns used in cultural traditions around the world.

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Virtual Therapy  Intermedia Performance · 1998

Voyages of Aeneas: Choga  Intermedia Performance · 2002

An intermedia concert inspired by the mythical travels of Aeneas with an imagined voyage to Korea.

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