An episode in the first season of a television series shown worldwide on the National Geographic Channel.

John Crawford was a co-director and commentator for a portion of the episode titled Watch This! in Season 1 of the Brain Games series, produced by the National Geographic Channel. First aired in October 2011, this episode has been rerun multiple times by National Geographic and other channels. The episode also is published on DVD.

Working with the episode director and crew in a television shoot at the House of Moves motion capture studio in Los Angeles, Crawford directed a dancer (UC Irvine graduate student Amy Allen) and two actors in a series of movement activities for a perception game played by viewers of the television series. He also co-directed a shoot where the dancer was filmed using a Phantom high-speed camera to capture dance sequences used in the episode.

As commentator, Crawford was interviewed on camera for this segment to discuss motion capture technology and related perceptual issues. He explained how point clouds (fields of dots that follow a subject’s motion) can be an effective method for representing human movement.

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Network broadcast

National Geographic Channel


Series director: Jeremiah Crowell

Narrator: Neil Patrick Harris

Segment co-director & commentator: John Crawford

Original air date: October 9, 2011

Program © 2011 NTHT, LLC.

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