An abstract dance film commissioned by Bergen College. Exhibitions have included Columbia, Germany, Mexico, Portugal and New York.


Desplazamiento Concert, Javeriana University, Bogotá, Colombia. August 2006. Invited.

TechArt06 Exhibition, Northern Illinois University at DeKalb. May 2006. Invited.

Songs of Summer Solstice, Frederick Loewe Theatre, New York. June 2005. Invited.

Grupo de Danza Minerva Tapia, Centro Cultural Tijuana, Mexico. May 2005. Invited.

University of Porto, Portugal. March 2005. Invited.

Romanian Cultural Institute, Berlin. March 2005. Invited.

Bergen College, New Jersey. March 2005. Invited.

Dance Films Association, Dance on Camera Festival 2005, NYPL, New York. January 2005. Juried.


Director & media designer: John Crawford

Composer: Ron Mazurek

Choreographer: Lisa Naugle

Production date: November 2004