An abstract dance film commissioned by Bergen College. Exhibitions have included New York, China, Columbia, Italy, Korea and Mexico.

This film celebrates linkages between dance, visuals and music. It considers the possibilities of transcending boundaries through movement, responding to issues of fragmentation and making meaning across space and time. Contemporary dance choreography, captured on video, transforms into luminous videodance animation, accompanied by a soaring electro-acoustic soundscape.

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Musica Senza Frontiere Festival, Perugia, Italy. November 2007.

International Dance Film Festival, Beijing, China. September 2006.

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogata, Columbia. August 2006.

Centro Cultural Tijuana, Mexico. May 2005.

International Computer Music Conference, Miami, Florida. November 2004. Juried.

Seoul Net and Film Festival, Korea. May 2004. Juried.

II Coreografo Elettronic Festival Internazionale di Vidodanza, Teatro Belli, Napoli, Italy. March 2004. Juried.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. March 2004.

Dance Films Association, Dance on Camera Festival, Walter Reade Theatre, Lincoln Center, New York. January 2004. Juried.

Ars Electronica, Bergen College and Center for Research and Development. March 2003.


Director & media designer: John Crawford

Composer: Ron Mazurek

Choreographer: Lisa Naugle

Dancers: Patrizia Herminjard & Donald Laney

Costume: Linda Davison

Lighting: Lonnie Alcaraz

Production date: March 2003